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COVID-19 Update:
When we say, “the church has left the building,” we do not mean that because we are not meeting together on Sundays, nothing is going on. Although we are unable to meet at the church building at this time, most of our ministries still continue, just in a different way, and our church people have been mobilized to minister to each other and our community in many different ways!

1. Pastor Kevin does a livestream check-in on Thursdays, and we have a livestream service on Sundays.

2. Pastor Kevin still goes to the church daily to work, and he continues to counsel with people using an online chat app.

23 Pastors Paul and Sheila continue to handle their pastoral responsibilities.

4. Pastors Kevin, Paul, and Sheila still meet together to discuss church matters and pray using an online chat app.

5. The New Life Leadership Team still meets bi-weekly using Zoom.

6. Krista Coolidge still cleans the church and does the bookkeeping (financial deposits, bill pay (mortgage, utilities, payroll, etc.)

7. Most LIFE Groups are still meeting weekly using Zoom.

8. The Friday night Hunger Meetings are still happening using Zoom.

9. New Life continues to meet the financial and spiritual needs of the body by (a) responding to benevolent requests, (b) maintaining a box of food/supplies that anyone can donate to or take from; (c) a team of volunteers making check-in calls to the church body weekly, connecting with and praying for them; (d) a team of volunteers being available to run errands and pick up groceries or prescriptions for the church body and others in our community, etc.

10. Many more things are going on that are not listed here.

As difficult as the restrictions of COVID-19 are, the church has not shut down. We continue to minister in new and exciting ways that although not as great as meeting for weekly services, are a good substitute for now. Please keep praying and asking God how you can support New Life and reach out to the church body and your community.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. as we live stream our service:
Due to the current issues with the corona virus, we have cancelled all onsite church services for a few weeks so please join us on live stream via Facebook OR go to the Sermons tab above and click on NLCC LIVE.

The Lord has a Way!

The Lord has a way forward for your church. Whenever a church faces a new crisis, the Lord always has a way through the crisis with often surprising outcomes. For example, in the book of Acts, every crisis that threatened His church actually resulted in more people coming to know Jesus. Some historians believe that part of the remarkable growth of the early church came through two deadly epidemics that struck the Roman Empire in the second and third centuries. In his book "The Triumph of Christianity -- How the Jesus Movement Became the World's Largest Religion" (HarperOne 2011), sociologist Rodney Stark describes a suspected smallpox epidemic in 165 A.D. that killed 25-30 percent of the population. People fled the cities in fear, refusing to care for ailing family members. Christians provided much-needed care for the sick when no one else would. Stark believes that was one reason the church grew from an estimated 45,000 adherents during the first epidemic to over 1.1 million believers by the time the second epidemic struck in 251 A.D. The coronavirus pandemic is a dangerous and disruptive force in the world today. The Lord is not in a panic and He has not been taken by surprise. He has a way for you and your church not only to survive this crisis but to use you to minister encouragement and truth in a deeply troubled period of our history.


by: Don Pusick


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