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COVID-19 Update:
The State of Vermont is currently allowing churches to reopen for services at 25% of the building capacity. Therefore, we have begun in-building services for a total of 30 (not counting the pastors, worship team, technical support staff, and security staff) by invitation only. We apologize that we cannot allow visitors to the service at this time.
Sue Bohen will be calling everyone in the church directory to see if they would like to attend the in-building service. If you do not feel comfortable attending at this time, please do not come. We want everyone to feel safe. As mentioned above, we will continue the livestream as a part of our normal ministry.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I ARRIVE FOR SERVICE? You will notice the following health procedures upon attendance:
1) Posting of Notice of Waiver of Liability Relating- Coronavirus/COVID-19.
2) Hand Sanitizing Stations.
3) Social Distancing seating in Sanctuary. Please put 3 seats between families sitting in the same row. Also, consider the possibility of keeping a row between if needed.
4) Increased church-wide sanitation procedures before, in-between and after services.

5) Masks are recommended.
6) Closure of New Life Cafe.
7) No nursery or Sunday School services. Children who attend with parents/grandparents/guardians MUST REMAIN WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES.
6) Limited restroom occupancy.

Additionally, all in attendance are encouraged to join us in our efforts to keep everyone healthy by following these practices:
1) If you are sick or symptomatic, please continue to view church services online from home.
2) Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, fist-bumping.
3) Please practice proper distancing at all times while on church property.
4) Routinely wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

For those who are at-risk, elderly, or have any hesitations attending services in-person at this time, Facebook Live and streaming is linked from our website as well and is always available for you.

You can view the livestream by going to the Sermons tab at the top of the website and then clicking on NLCC LIVE.
“The church is not a place where perfect people gather to say perfect things or have perfect thoughts or have perfect feelings. The church is a place where imperfect people gather to provide encouragement, support and service to each other as we press on in our journey to return to our Heavenly Father.”
Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. as we live stream our service:
Please join us on livestream via Facebook OR go to the Sermons tab above and click on NLCC LIVE.

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